Omnilearn Caribbean is dedicated to improving the access to education by pushing down the barriers of location and learning methods.

Omnilearn has a reservoir of course resources where 

students can access pre-recorded video lessons, concise study guides and step-by-step tutorials that follow the syllabus of external examinations (CSEC and CAPE). 

The platform allows students to thoroughly understand each area of the syllabus through various learning resources.

We have a network or tutors that teach extra-lessons and  take the role of Academic Mentors to ensure that the online platform is effective in targeting the weaknesses of each student. Mentors provide assessments to track progress on each subject and coach students through improvement.


Our Foundation

Omnilearn was founded to develop a program that applies a system which effectively assists students through supplemental learning - even while online. The Omnilearn learning system improves the effectiveness of online learning by the use of assessments and guided mentorship.

Learning Without Limits

Our Motivation

Omnilearn aims to facilitate students in being active participants in their own learning process while teaching students how to learn. This results in students who are completely confident with learning new things and applying what they learn. Subject material presented through our system can be used to learn new topics and fill the gaps in topics already known.